Love & Logic: The Marketing Strategy Combo that Lasts

animated heart and brain holding hands

The Marketing Strategy Combo that Lasts

Valentine’s Day comes with a notable uptick in dozens of roses sold, pieces of chocolate consumed, and articles that compare successful marketing efforts to creating and sustaining healthy romantic relationships. We’re marketing people. We notice these things.

This wisdom is certainly timely, and kind of cute, but it’s a troublesome oversimplification.

Yes, you need to get confident with the delivery of your message. Of course, finding the right tone and voice to create the most impact is critical. And sure, thinking about interaction with your target audience as a long-term relationship that requires attention, affection, and appreciation is a smart mindset.

That’s not where the analogy ends, however, it’s where the analogy is just getting started. In that spirit, we decided to sift through the proverbial shoebox of old love letters we’ve written to find what speaks to marketing efforts that are as realistic as they are romantic:

Consider the classic approach.

Relationships are as likely to blossom online as they are in person, so it’s tempting to presume new is better. Optimizing SEO, strengthening social media presence, and email outreach have proven their effectiveness. But there’s no school like the old school. As we’ve discussed, direct mail has a response rate that can blow the proverbial doors off those other channels. It might seem no more imaginative than showing up at the door with those flowers and candy, but the success speaks for itself.

How about dinner and a movie (or, just a movie)?

Advances in recording technology, as well as the ease of hosting and sharing, have given video the potential to be a powerful part of any company’s outreach arsenal. And don’t get us started on how drones are fueling creativity and amplifying its effectiveness. The impact of a well-produced video is tough to top in terms of both captivating and convincing your audience. Consider it the marketing equivalent of Netflix and ….

Follow your instincts and trust your information.

A distinct difference between romantic relationships and the impact any campaign has on its audience is readily quantifiable. If something’s working, you can see the needle move, and that data-driven aspect of campaign impact is just as important as the creativity that launched the campaign itself. Numbers, unlike Tinder profiles, don’t lie!

So, marketing certainly is analogous to a relationship, but one that demands attentiveness and expertise as much as it does energy and passion. Street Level Studio prides itself on being able to focus on all these elements. We get the romance, and we know how to keep it real. Polish off that heart-shaped box of chocolates, then get in touch if you want to learn more.