Signage/Wayfinding That Sets the Direction for Professional Events

Signage with bold branding sets the stage for ModMed’s first users’ conference.
Plan the Way to a Positive Experience

Prioritizing the purpose, placement, and design of on-site graphics at professional events makes it possible for everyone to get the most out of why they came together in the first place—to share knowledge, make connections, and do business.

Design for Direction, Not Distraction

Be proactive. Envision traffic patterns, potential bottlenecks, and prime locations—registration, meeting rooms, restrooms, dining facilities, lounges, quiet work areas—well in advance. Then map out a strong wayfinding strategy to minimize distraction and deliver value.

Point to the Value of Your Brand

Make creative and intentional signage design choices. Even in an environment of visual distractions, high traffic, and space limitations, signage provides a unique opportunity to bolster perception of your brand via a more empowering, immersive, and successful experience.

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