A Winning Formula for B2B Video

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A Winning Formula for B2B Video

Do a quick online search for “2022 video trends” and you’ll turn up a wealth of statistics and POV articles. Most agree video will be a top marketing strategy for B2B as well as B2C businesses this year. Video is a powerful tool smart companies will use to boost their reputation, build awareness of their brand, and showcase the value proposition of their products/services in an effective and engaging way.

In fact, Cisco’s Annual Internet Report (2018–2023) predicted that by 2022, 82 percent of global internet traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads. A significant number of people viewing all this video content will be researching products or services prior to purchase. Video will provide a simple, convenient way for them to find out what they need to know quickly and on their own schedule.

Revving Up Creativity for Canon Solutions America

No surprise then, Street Level Studio produces a lot of video content for our client Canon Solutions America that targets both printing industry prospects and current customers. These B2B video deliverables cover a wide range, from product-based explainers that educate viewers about new technologies to convincing user success stories and testimonials. We also produce promotional videos highlighting Canon’s industry leadership.

The company has maintained top US market share in production inkjet presses for a decade—and the winning streak continued in 2021. This time, we were challenged by Canon to come up with a creative new way to not only announce the achievement of this marketplace milestone but also celebrate what actually puts Canon Solutions America ahead of the pack: continuous and rapid innovation, plus a remarkable commitment to helping Canon users go further and faster than their competitors.

Producing a Fast-Paced Promotional Video

The resulting video—Winning Production Inkjet—is an entertaining, inspiring, as well as informational video both customers and employees can rally around.

Visually, the excitement comes from action-packed footage featuring Formula One (F1) racing. Scenes of intense wheel-to-wheel competition, spirited champagne sprays, as well as the technology and teamwork that differentiate F1 from other motorsports are interspersed with shots of Canon’s own advanced inkjet technology and teams in action. Like a race announcer, the resonant voiceover introduces Canon’s “trifecta” of production inkjet presses and describes their track record of innovation and performance.

By keeping the video lively, fun, and engaging, we aimed to create an experience with the kind of impact that will keep the audience watching . . . and wanting to know more. In addition to a spot in the video marquee on Canon Solutions America’s online Production Print Resource Center, Winning Production Inkjet is slated for a special showing at the company’s 2022 Sales Conference in January. So, we’re definitely putting this one in the win column!

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If video is part of your marketing strategy for 2022—and according to all the experts it should be—we would love to team up with you and find the right formula for reaching your objectives. Give us a call and we’ll start our engines!