Attracting Attendees: Pre-Event Marketing Made Simple

By Diane Landsman, Content Director

Stephen Hawking wasn’t just one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history. He was a scientific genius who often used humor to help the rest of us better understand the universe.

In addition to making cameo appearances on TV shows like Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons, Hawking wasn’t above staging a publicity stunt to make his point. Back in 2009, he announced he was throwing a party to demonstrate or disprove the possibility of backward time travel.

On June 28, he waited at the University of Cambridge surrounded by balloons, champagne, finger foods, and a “Welcome Time Travelers” banner. No one showed up.

Of course, as a critical part of the experiment, he didn’t issue the invitation until after the reception was over.

Got pre-event marketing covered? Check.
Hawking really wasn’t expecting a crowd. But if you’re in charge of hosting conferences, expos, seminars, or any kind of professional event, that kind of turnout definitely would not be funny.

Getting people to show up and be excited about what’s in store and on the agenda is serious business. The onus is on you to market and promote the heck out of your event ahead of time (unlike Hawking!). From an execution standpoint, it’s a big ask. So, we’ve broken it down into manageable chunks, compiling this simplified checklist for creating the pre-event marketing assets that are pretty much de rigueur. We don’t promise it is 100 percent comprehensive or scientific—every unique audience will have its own communication styles and gravitate toward certain platforms—but it does provide a good overview of the typical scope involved.



Theme Logo
Colors and Patterns


Event Details
Registration Open
Keynote Speakers
Early Bird Pricing/Deadlines
Registration Closing

Event and Theme Announcement
Reasons to Attend
Who Attends
Why You Should Attend
Spotlights on Speakers
Program Highlights
Location & Venue Information
Hotel Information
Past Attendee Testimonials
Justify Expense with Your Boss
Early Bird Pricing Details/Deadlines
Registration Closing
Registration Confirmation


Dedicated Event Landing Page Content
Event Details
Link to Event Registration
Why Attend
Who Should Attend
Event FAQs
Sponsor Prospectus
Exhibitor Prospectus
Downloadable Event Program
Link to Hotel Reservations

Website Banners/Pop-ups
Event Details
Program Highlights
Keynote Speakers


Visual Assets
Static/Carousel Images
Event Experience

Teaser Footage
Past Events
Attendee Testimonials
Current Speakers
Location Scenes
Location & Venue Footage

Branded Event Hashtags

(short, recognizable, memorable, unique)

Event Details
Program Highlights
Keynote Speakers

Behind-the-Scenes Preparations
Speaker Quotes
Sponsor Spotlights
Program Highlights
Past Attendee Testimonials
Registration Info
Early Bird Pricing
Location & Venue
Hotel Registration
Registration Closing
Who’s Coming


Direct Mailers
Save-the-Date Postcards


Digital Banner Ads
Social Platform Ads
Industry Publications/Newsletters


Add Your Creative Ideas Here!

Ready, set, delegate!
Yes, even simplified, it’s a long list. In addition to lots of moving parts, pre-event marketing involves an entire team of talented people with a wide range of skills—from marketing strategy and graphic design to content creation, production execution, and deployment. We hope you and your team find our checklist helpful in getting as many people as possible to attend your next event. Just remember to invite them in advance!

And don’t forget to check in with us if you’re looking for some experienced assistance. We’d be happy to help.