Your Guide to Developing a Powerful Tagline

Your Guide to Developing a Powerful Tagline

Can you hear me now?
You’re in good hands.
They’re Gr-r-r-eat!

Do you recognize the companies behind these taglines? I’m sure you do; a well-written tagline is extremely powerful. It can help a company stand out from the competition and can act as a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. Plus, it can bolster a company internally by reinforcing its personality and culture.

A tagline is “a phrase or catchword that becomes identified or associated with a person, group, product, etc.” But taglines are much more than just identifiers. A tagline is the essence of a company drilled down to a succinct, clear, meaningful statement. It should be true to your brand and culture and tuck nicely under your logo. Many organizations think of a tagline as an afterthought, but it should be an integral part of branding efforts. After the name of a company, the tagline is the next important element of the brand. And writing a great tagline is no easy task.

Rules for developing a great tagline.

Creating a perfect tagline for a company depends on the industry, the audience, and the existing brand. Connecting an audience to the brand through a tagline deserves attention and effort. What should you keep in mind for your tagline?

  • Keep it short and simple. The fewer syllables the better. It’s not a mission statement.
  • Make it memorable. It needs to sound good, be simple to say, and easily roll off the tongue.
  • Reflect the company. It should express the company’s personality and brand.
  • Differentiate. Set yourself apart, stand out from the norm, and stake a claim!
Adding a personality to your tagline.

An emotional tagline is designed to create a feeling, spark an emotion, or strike a chord in the reader to automatically create a connection to the brand.

When you care enough to send the very best. (Hallmark)
Because you’re worth it. (L’Oreal)

A descriptive slogan describes what the business does. Sometimes considered a safe approach, it can be a great way to lend credibility and clarity in a crowded marketplace. Plus, it can be beneficial for a new company or brand, when trying to be too clever can be dangerous.

Push button publishing. (eBlogger)
The most trusted name in news. (CNN)

A motivational tagline calls for the reader to take action, often to meet a specific goal.

Live Más (Taco Bell)
Just do it. (Nike)

A persuasive tagline describes what the company can do for you. It includes a benefit or a positive outcome that comes from using the company’s products or services.

Save Money. Live Better. (Walmart)
Expect More. Pay Less. (Target)

Provocative slogans make the most interesting and edgy solutions. They can be clever, thought-provoking, and — in the right market — they can provide the edge needed to rise above the competition.

Get N or get out (Nintendo 64)
What Happens Here, Stays Here. (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority)

Now that you’re a tagline expert, test your knowledge of popular ad slogans here and let us know how you did by leaving your score in the comment section below!