Taking Personal Style Beyond the Surface

Taking Personal Style Beyond the Surface

As designers, we’re always observing how people interact visually with their world. So, it didn’t surprise us that trend-watchers consider “true personalization” as the single biggest ask and most enduring demand from interior design clients. It’s all about owning one’s space, supporting the brand, and infusing an environment with a one-of-a-kind “wow” factor that reflects a unique personality, perspective, and even history.

We also realized that, as a design agency, we could play a key role in this quest to make people’s surroundings special and distinct. So, Street Level Studio has launched a new service for those looking to create remarkable one-of-a-kind spaces: Beyond the Surface™ personalized wallcoverings. This new offering makes the design and digital production of bespoke wallcoverings—including removable wallpaper and wall art that can be changed out on a whim or with the seasons—accessible, convenient, and authentically individual for anyone.

Each Beyond the Surface wallcoverings design is an inspired one-off created by Street Level Studio’s team of imaginative surface designers. Unlike off-the-shelf wallpaper or wallcoverings ordered from a catalog or online retailer, ours emerge directly from conversations with and input from the customer. In our hands, favorite quotes, family photographs, love letters, diary pages, travel mementos, recipe cards, unconventional takes on traditional patterns, novel color palettes, and even quirky original illustrations—all present singularly dramatic ways to make a singular design statement.

We’re incredibly excited about this new service and hope you’ll check out some samples of our fresh custom wallcoverings at streetlevelstudio.com/wallpaper. Then let us know what creative wallcovering designs would make your space one-of-a-kind.

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