Brand Experience
Canon USA, Inc. Print Application Samples

Canon USA, Inc. (CUSA) periodically challenges its marketing partners to create compelling print samples that look so good prospective buyers can see themselves producing that level of quality work . . . on Canon’s production presses, of course. To make the samples realistic, CUSA created several fictitious brands, including travel-focused Gamut Destinations. Our creative team channeled their wanderlust to create a series of colorful Gamut-branded brochures, posters, maps, and more that not only made these world-class destinations come to life but also graphically demonstrated the dramatic media range, image quality, and consistency possible with Canon digital presses. Several of our pieces are among the most requested samples and have continued in rotation.

two posters, one of kayaking and one of mountain climbing
three different magazine spreads display winter and fall imagery
four different magazine spreads show lovely vacation imagery