Canon Solutions America,
Large Format Solutions Division

Trade Show Graphics  +   Multichannel Marketing  +   Video Production  +  Digital Marketing + eCommerce

Canon Solutions America’s Large Format Solutions Division (LFS) is noted for its advanced digital flatbed printers capable of printing high-quality images on an amazing variety of sizeable substrates. Over the years, Street Level Studio’s role as an agency partner of the division evolved into a creative extension of its marketing team. Our collaborative mandate includes not only multichannel campaigns, customer videos, and sales collateral but also impressive tradeshow environments and graphics that equate Canon’s large format printers with an experience as well as innovative technology.

  • Canon Solutions America, Large Format Solutions Division

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False wall at a tradeshow showing a brick wall with The App Room sign
trade show booth with posters hung on a brick wall
Attracting attention. Making a bold impression. Motivating action. We graphically emphasize the vast spectrum of highly creative applications that can be produced on Canon’s award-winning large format printers and offer support for the sales process.

We design an amazing array of signage, giveaways, posters, environments, and more to showcase this division’s exciting printing technologies. Like the life-size streetscape with a 3D car in Canon’s booth at this year’s PRINTING United mega-tradeshow! We also produce less flashy but no less important specification sheets and brochures for the division. For easy yet secure access to this collateral, we built and continue to manage and update the LFS Storefront, an ecommerce site hosting gated marketing assets. Sales reps can easily download digital copies or purchase on-demand printed copies—which come in handy when all those attendees visit their amazing tradeshow booth!

white Canon logo
To launch the Canon Colorado 1650 printer with radical FLXfinish matte/gloss technology, we turned the ‘FLX’ into a highly graphic, immediately identifiable symbol; gave it some attitude via creative wordplay; and set it against a backdrop of ultra-bold colors and quirky photography, garnering lots of visibility.
Several flyers advertising FLXFinish