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Video Production +   Website Development  +   Multichannel Communications  +  Content Development + Digital Marketing

A leader in high-quality digital print production equipment, Canon Solutions America has worked with us for more than 25 years, establishing a level of trust, understanding, and collaboration indicative of the best client-vendor relationships. Through this partnership, we’ve developed deep knowledge of this division’s specialized product line, target market segments, and evolving goals. And we have supported those goals with an integrated, award-winning, creative approach that has helped Canon Solutions America attain and maintain the number one position in US inkjet market share.

  • Canon Solutions America, Print Production Solutions Division

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  • Video production, Website development, Multichannel communications, Content development, Digital marketing

booklet and brochure for iX experience
3 piece direct mail campaign for Canon
tablet and desktop computer display Canon website
From creating award-winning multichannel campaigns and developing interactive online content to curating a dynamic customer knowledge base, our work serves as a catalyst for this division’s go-to-market strategy.

A notable example is our integrated You Can campaign. Renewed for a second year, the campaign garnered widespread attention for Canon’s innovative production inkjet presses and best-in-class customer service—and won numerous creative awards. Among the deliverables we’ve produced for Canon Solutions America over the decades are print and digital ads, videos, experiential web elements, direct mail, lead generation initiatives, newsletters, case studies, and even a series of books, all in support of their continued growth and industry leadership.

white Canon logo
The mobile-first varioPRINT iX-series Interactive Experience created for Canon Solutions America presents the power and productivity of one of its most innovative inkjet presses, using video, graphics, and parallax motion effects to deliver an experience that keeps site visitors engaged and interested.
Phone and tablet display Canon online interactive experience
Computer sits on desk showing the Canon website