Out to Launch: Creating New Product Buzz with Video

Out to Launch: Creating New Product Buzz with Video

Trying to create buzz around your fantastic new product or fabulous new service? We have one word for you. It’s not “plastics.” It’s video.

There are statistics galore proving that video should be part of every marketing strategy. Just a few of our favorites:

  • 95% of messages are retained when watching a video compared to only 10% from reading text (Source: Insivia)
  • Watching videos influences 96% of customers making product purchase decisions (Source: Animoto)
  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than nonusers (Source: Hubspot)
  • Marketers who use video see 49% faster revenue growth when compared to those that don’t (Source: Vidyard)

Etc., etc., etc. Fact is, video really does exert a huge influence on how people get informed, remember what they learned, and feel motivated to investigate further.

Video is a surefire choice even if—or maybe especially if—you’re launching a complicated product with some serious tech innovation behind it or introducing a revolutionary service no one even knew they needed before. By distilling complex information into an engaging experience, video is arguably the best way to get the word out to people without having their eyes glaze over!

The award-winning* video we recently produced for Canon Solutions America is a case in point. It was an integral part of the marketing strategy for the company’s brand-new Book Smart Suite, a fully automated, integrated, end-to-end collection of workflow, press, media, and finishing solutions that increases the efficiency of digital book printing. By presenting this “new chapter” innovation using familiar metaphors, the video enables commercial printing providers to envision using Book Smart Suite to write their own success story.

Check it out.

*2019 Videographer Award of Distinction