Looping You in on the Feedback

Looping You in on the Feedback

Like any creative person or enterprise, we crave feedback on our work. While receiving industry awards and accolades certainly offers great satisfaction and affirmation, hearing a hearty “well done” from a client is especially gratifying. And educational. It’s a much more realistic assessment of our skills and a more meaningful measure of our ability to solve complex problems or meet unique challenges.

Beyond that, it just feels really good! There’s nothing quite like hearing praise from the people who’ve worked beside you in the trenches and collaborated with you on a creative endeavor.

Recently, Brian Fuller, our digital creative director, had a chance to capture some great footage and feedback on video from The ABL Group. Selected to redesign the kitchen and breakfast room at the prestigious 2020 Lake Forest Showhouse, they commissioned Street Level Studio to create a custom Beyond the Surface™ wall mural for the space.

Watch the video to see the mural in a starring role, hear what designer Doreen Avila, lead designer and partner in ABL affiliate DP Home Design, had to say about working with us on this remarkable design project—from inspiration to execution—and find out about the reactions the finished project is receiving from other showhouse designers and the public.

Because as much as we love getting great feedback, we love sharing it even more!

More good news—there’s still time to tour the 2020 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens. Following safety protocols, it is open daily through August 9, with a restricted number of tickets being sold online.