Creating Surroundings with a Sense of Well-being

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Creating Surroundings with a Sense of Well-being

Right now, our homes need to offer sanctuary as well as shelter, and design can help create that sense of well-being. So, during Highwood Design Week 2021, Sherwin-Williams and Beyond the Surface™ custom wallcoverings by Street Level Studio are hosting a special event with a timely focus on using design to turn homes into havens.

On September 22, Wellness Design in the Home—Paint, Paper, and Biophilic Design will take a fascinating look at the emerging paint, wallpaper, and biophilic design trends influencing how we feel inside—and about—our homes.

Sherwin-Williams will open with “Using Color, Nature, and Coatings Technology to Create a Sense of Well-Being in the Home.” The CEU presentation explores the intrinsic role color plays in our emotions and how natural elements can create a sense of calm in a space. It also looks at the innovative air-purifying and antimicrobial technologies used in Sherwin-Williams products that are giving homeowners new peace of mind.

Beyond the Surface will then shift the discussion from paint to paper, offering a look at the history of biophilic design and how creative use of organic images, textures, and repeated patterns in wallpaper and wall murals can not only beautifully represent nature but also provide some of the same emotional benefits of a direct experience with it.

Free and open to both design professionals and the public, the presentation (and after-party) is one of the featured daily events planned for Highwood Design Week 2021, September 20 to 25. The city-wide celebration of participating local businesses in the interior design, building, remodeling, fashion, and art industries offers a unique opportunity to find inspiration and expert advice for home improvement, decorating, and building projects.

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