Off to the Braces! A Marketing Campaign for Gilbert Orthodontics

Two phones display Gilbert Ortho social posts

Off to the Braces! A Marketing Campaign for Gilbert Orthodontics

Highland Park native Dr. Josh Gilbert was prepped and ready to open his brand new orthodontics office. He had a dedicated, skilled staff and the latest in 3D imaging and model printing technology. All he needed was to get the word out.

Eager to sink our teeth into this challenge, We crafted a multichannel marketing campaign to build his brand’s awareness and visibility.

Print Makes Perfect

Direct mail offered Gilbert Orthodontics a smart, efficient way to connect. Take a look at the two mailers we created. You’ll see that emphasizing the practice’s focus on community, as well as its new location, are high priorities in the imagery and copy. After considering multiple approaches to direct mail deployment, we selected a strategy that made sure Dr. Gilbert reached his target audience, all while balancing demographics, geographics, and budget.

Getting Social

To complement the postcards, our team developed two social media ad campaigns promoting Dr. Gilbert’s office. The ads, running on both Facebook and Instagram, featured short videos produced by our video team.

Drone technology allowed us to capture high quality footage for the first video, which gives viewers a sleek visual tour of the new office.

To illustrate Dr. Gilbert’s commitment to his patients and the benefits of seeing your orthodontist in person—as opposed to ordering at-home teeth straightening kits online—the second video featured a testimonial from one of his patients.

One of the advantages of social media campaigns is immediate feedback. We were able to analyze data in real time and make adjustments to our audience targeting and ad timing. These subtle but strategic modifications produced better results week over week.

We are thrilled to watch Gilbert Orthodontics grow in its new Highland Park location. Supporting them with successful marketing puts a smile on our faces.

Want to learn more about how a multichannel campaign could boost your brand awareness? Let’s talk.