Art in the Studio

Art in the Studio

Whether you work in a high-rise in the city, a tiny office in the suburbs, or your own home, the atmosphere of your workplace matters. The average American worker spends 47 hours at work per week, which is a lot of time to spend in uninspiring surroundings. At Street Level Studio, it’s important to us that our studio reflects our creativity, so we’ve infused our workspace with a wide variety of colorful and unusual art pieces.

Our style
The artwork that adorns our walls holds different meaning for everyone here, but each item comes together to form a cohesive look. Many of the items in the office are very personal to us, from Founder Joe Davis’s personal collections to past projects we’ve all had a hand in producing. While looking over our walls, you’ll also notice many found objects and collected oddities, as well as fine art pieces from artists such as Doug Huston, Karl Wirsum, Teresa Peterson, and David Sandlin.

Why do we have art in our studio?
The art that hangs on our walls, in addition to the music and the lighting, contributes to an atmosphere that is comfortable and non-restrictive. This relaxed environment allows for greater creative freedom, and the artwork that surrounds us inspires us to be thoughtful, to pull apart ideas and find deeper meaning, and to come up with innovative solutions.

In addition, the art in the Studio helps to represent our character and our personal brand values. Clients and visitors can see who we are—a small, person-to-person operation—and what we value—hard work and creati­vity—the moment they step through the door.

We encourage you to try incorporating art into your workspace (with the proper permission, of course), and see what happens. Do you feel more inspired, more comfortable, or more productive?