A Banner Day for SLS

A Banner Day for SLS

What were you doing at 4 a.m. Monday morning? Probably snoring. But while you slept, a stalwart group of city workers fanned out to start installing Highwood’s brand-new light pole banners. Since Street Level Studio not only designed the new banners but also developed a production and installation plan that rivaled the precision of a military maneuver, we also were there bright and early to record the event. And it was definitely a banner day for us!

Working with the Highwood Chamber of Commerce and Highwood City Council, we developed a creative and intricate banner system for Highwood that is certainly not the typical one-and-done approach used by most municipalities. Rather than repeating the identical banner on all 103 light poles lining the streets of downtown, we devised a more engaging design scheme that highlights the many ways to “Experience Highwood”—from its popular dining destinations to its cultural diversity; from its community spirit to its eclectic shops and highly anticipated annual festivals.

SLS senior designer Chris Gach—along with creative director Grogg and business owner Tanya Fretheim—spearheaded the effort, designing it around alternating red and orange banners paired with striking black-and-white photographs provided by Street Level Studio, the Highwood Chamber, Celebrate Highwood, the Highwood Historical Society, and Illinois Railway Museum.

All 171 banners are being installed along Highwood’s main streets to coincide with the city’s 4th of July celebration. We think the effect is magical. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself.

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