3 Holiday Decorating Ideas During Covid

graphic in red and green that reads keep decking the halls

3 Holiday Decorating Ideas During Covid

Home for the holidays has taken on a whole new meaning this year. Many of us are already home . . . every day. And with chilly weather discouraging even a socially distanced walk with a friend, we’re likely to be home for the duration. Sigh.

Ordinarily, the arrival of the holidays would signal a shift in routine and reasons to socialize and celebrate. But not in 2020. With strictly limited options for a change of scenery, the obvious temptation is just to hunker down and resign ourselves to spending a lackluster holiday season stuck in a less-than-inspiring setting.

But if there’s ever been a time to resist dampening our creative holiday spirit, this is it!

More than ever, home will be at the heart of everything holiday related. So, these unique times call for equally unique ways to express joy, build new traditions, and use our surroundings to spread cheer and celebrate each other.

We asked the surface designers for our Beyond the Surface™ wallcoverings to quickly come up with some fresh ideas for easy, unexpected, and totally one-of-a-kind seasonal décor. Here are their top three suggestions:

1. Custom holiday-themed removable wallpaper. Our designers imagined so many ways to use digitally produced, personalized wallpaper designs to temporarily make a holiday home magical and meaningful.

  • Creating a colorful patterned backdrop for a brightly lit Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, or Kwanzaa table.
  • Using a treasured travel photo from floor to ceiling as a way to bring a winter wonderland indoors.
  • Welcoming Santa with a special fireplace surround featuring kids’ drawings and notes.
  • Sprucing up the powder room with a wallcovering of seasonal greens.
  • Turning a pattern designed around heirloom ornaments or holiday china into a pretty accent wall for the kitchen or dining room.

Today’s removable adhesives make installation and removal of temporary wallcoverings easier than ever.

2. Seasonal temporary wall decals or murals. These festive options offer another fun, original way to trim any home for the holidays, but with a little less commitment. Imagine creating enchanting kids’ bedrooms that sweeten their dreams with visions of sugarplums. Picture a playroom with colorful décor that encourages “nice” behavior instead of being naughty. Think about decking the halls or any other spot in the home with some holiday cheer.

3. Outdoor décor and displays. Parties, cookie exchanges, caroling, and school pageants probably won’t be part of the holiday scene or social calendar this year. So, even people who don’t normally put up lights or build elaborate lawn displays may be looking for ways to share seasonal spirit and support with neighbors and passersby. Digitally printed durable vinyl wallcoverings with removable backings open up some clever, eye-catching possibilities that won’t result in a big hit on the electric bill. A custom wrap can make the front door a festive focal point or turn the garage door into a holiday display that’s certain to be the only one of its kind on the block . . . or anywhere else!

We hope these ideas inspire everyone to create holiday homes full of comfort and joy. This year it’s more important than ever.