Thanks for Celebrating with Us

Thanks for Celebrating with Us

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the official reveal of our new location at 214 Green Bay Road in Highwood! There was an outstanding turnout of clients, local businesses, community members, friends, and family who helped us formally cut the ribbon on our custom-built new HQ.

The evening featured lots of good food and great conversations, plus a challenging scavenger hunt that got everyone exploring our new space. We received lots of great entries with many correct answers. But the clear-cut winner was Ginny Glasner from the Highland Park Chamber, who not only earned a 10/10 but also answered all three bonus questions correctly! Congratulations, Ginny, on winning a free 15-second video from our digital creative team. As promised, we’ve included the correct answers to the scavenger hunt below, so you can see how many you got right (or would have if you played)!

Also highlighting the event were remarks from Highwood Mayor Charlie Pecaro; the executive directors of the Highwood, Highland Park, and Lake Forest-Lake Bluff chambers; and our own Tanya Fretheim. We hope you enjoy checking out a few scenes from this truly spectacular evening.

Scavenger Hunt Answers

  1. Exhibit showing some of Steve Jobs’ greatest hits (Apple computer shelf)
  2. They create rustic designs from salvaged barn elements (Lake County Barnwood feature)
  3. “Hello” and “goodbye” in Italian (CIAO sign)
  4. Something delivered fresh daily (Krispy Kreme sign)
  5. Once a “permanent” fixture for sitting pretty (Salon chair)
  6. Leftover bits of Ballaro Restaurant (Pediment, light fixtures, and/or plant columns)
  7. Honor bestowed on “Experience Highwood” street banners (MarCom Award certificate)
  8. Symbols of industrial-strength creativity (Gears)
  9. “Font” of knowledge suitable for children… mostly! (Alphabet book collection)
  10. Changing room for Clark Kent and SLS superheroes (Telephone booth)

BONUS QUESTION: On what Highwood street was the Motel sign originally installed? (Clay Avenue)

ANOTHER BONUS QUESTION: Can you name the former Waukegan Avenue [actually it’s Sheridan Road!*] business spelled out by the large (but not extra-large) maroon letters around our office? (Bacio Foods)

*This error was caught by none other than Candy Baraffi from Highwood City Hall. She reminded us that Waukegan Avenue changes to Sheridan Road at the intersection with Walker Avenue. Thanks, Candy, for setting us straight.

SUPER HIGHWOOD HISTORY BUFF BONUS QUESTION: Which two signs used to be posted in the old Santi’s Grill at 9 Highwood Avenue? (Grill Open and Turkey Raffle)

Thanks for playing!