Rich Media Ads Win Customers

Rich Media Ads Win Customers

Keeping things fresh and new is always important in advertising. Getting a customer’s attention and keeping it long enough to consider the content of an ad is always a challenge. Rich Media ads are one of the newer formats of digital advertising, and take advantage of animation and video to truly catch the customer’s eye. These digital ads come in many shapes and sizes but have this in common: they all use moving parts to bring advertisements to life in ways that print ads and static digital ads can’t.

Rich Media ads enable interaction with the advertisement and help turn passive users into active participants, encouraging them to explore your products and services. Rich Media ads can contain video, buttons, and graphics, and utilize a variety of animations like moving text and morphing shapes. And, this can be done in a tasteful, interesting manner without being obnoxious (I’m sure we’ve all see a few of those).

Besides animation, these ads can go beyond the conventional static banner ad by expanding or overlaying the screen to interact with users. They enable the freedom to create rich experiences that reduce many of the barriers to reaching customers creatively.

Canon Solutions America came to Street Level Studio to build a Rich Media ad to showcase their production printing presses and to direct customers to the Inkjet Resource Center, a website loaded with information about the print industry and print products.

One of the goals was to build the ad using the newest practices. We built the ad in HTML5 to make it compatible with a wider range of devices.

Click below to see a demo of the Rich Media in action.

Rich Media Ads allow you to reach your customers in unique ways. Contact us if you would like to talk more about how Rich Media ads can fit into your marketing strategy. The team at Street Level Studio can help you with the whole process from concept development to completion.