Don’t Try This at Home

Don’t Try This at Home

More than eight years ago, Joe Davis, founder of Street Level Studio, noticed that after two decades of abandonment, an old former motel building in Highwood was being taken down to make room for a new condo building. He particularly noticed that the beautiful, vintage “MOTEL” sign from the 1940s was still intact.

With little hesitation, he contacted enough friends in town (and permission from the friendly bulldozer operator) to help him take the sign off the roof and move it to our studio down the street. At 15 feet long and at least 400 pounds, it was a challenge to get inside our building. We found a semi-permanent spot in Joe’s office that was large enough to display this treasure since then.

As time passed and our company grew, we realized the sign had to move again. Fortunately, the move was only to the office next to Joe’s. It took much head-scratching and measuring, but we figured out that if we removed one of the translucent panels between the offices, we could squeeze the sign through the wall support studs with only an inch to spare.

Watch this short video to see how we actually made the move.

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