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Time and again we hear our clients say “I wish we knew exactly how our marketing campaign is performing.”

Today there is no reason why you can’t. Virtually all marketing tactics can be tracked for performance and trends.

Print materials should always include a QR code, an AR (augmented reality) function, or a URL pointing to a specialized web landing page.

Digital media can be tracked if the proper coding is planned for and embedded in the digital file.

On a periodic basis, data should be gathered from all the media sources you are using, combined into a spreadsheet and analyzed. The results of your analysis can be used to stay on course or change tactics as needed.

The process can be daunting at first, but the eventual statistics are invaluable for planning campaigns and budgets.

Don’t leave your key business decisions to chance.

After carefully preparing all the ingredients of a meal, would you throw it all on the stove and walk away? Of course not! For the tastiest meal, you’d keep an eye on your food—stirring, tasting, and adding spices as necessary. The same principle applies to your marketing campaign. After all the elements have been created and a plan of action has been outlined and initiated, we don’t just walk away. Instead, we track your campaign’s progress, collect user response data, including click-through rates, impressions, QR code scans, and website visits, and make suggestions about how to optimize the impact of your efforts. In addition, this data becomes the foundation for building your successful campaigns in the future.

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