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I focus on the strategy that drives ideas, using data to support execution. I have 15-plus years of agency and client-side marketing experience, primarily with large consumer goods and financial services brands. Digital marketing is so nimble! It allows us to see what is and what isn't working nearly instantaneously, providing the opportunity for smart, efficient adjustments. Try new things and take risks, then measure your success and inform your next marketing move.

My Interests

The great outdoors is my sanctuary. Lake Michigan is a true escape, where I go for a deep breath and an instant sense of peace. The water calls me like a beacon on my runs or dog walks, and in the summer, I head to the beach for a paddle board, kayak, to sit with a good read, or picnic with my daughters or friends. A true gift to the Midwest, to me, the lake makes Chicago winters worth the wait for summer.

Nothing motivates me to exercise more than the great outdoors—such as the killer stair climb at the Michigan dunes!

Summer fun with my cuties at the parakeet sanctuary in Wisconsin.

It's a boy! Our newest addition, Willy the dachshund.

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