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I am a color lover. Punky Brewster and Rainbow Brite would feel right at home in my house and closet. Bright, vibrant hues make me feel happy and alive. Colors are also what draw me outdoors. The sights and sounds of nature are calming and grounding. A great day for me would include a run by the lake, a walk in the forest preserves, or looking for sea glass at the beach with my daughters. I also love the library. The history, stories, knowledge, and even the variety of patrons, all under one roof, is alluring. I could spend hours there if I had the time. Instead, I check out as much as I can carry and often stay up way too late immersed in a good read.

Nothing motivates me to exercise more than the great outdoors—such as the killer stair climb at the Michigan dunes!

Summer fun with my cuties at the parakeet sanctuary in Wisconsin.

It's a boy! Our newest addition, Willy the dachshund.

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