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Web Development Manager, UI/UX Designer

Since joining SLS six years ago, I’ve used my design background and extensive coding, CMS, and user interface design skills to help build and maintain web pages that are elegantly simple, effective, and provide seamless interaction between user and device. In addition, I manage online ad campaigns and track Google Analytics to help provide clients with insights on what’s working, what’s not, and ways to pivot when needed. As a Marketo expert, I also build strategic email marketing/lead nurture campaigns, including custom responsive HTML templates for both emails and landing pages.

My Interests

I love a good story. Whatever facet of pop culture I’m consuming—movies, books, television, or music—give me a story that surprises, delights, balances emotion and intellect, but most of all, has something to say. Whether it’s the nuclear obsession of ’50s science fiction, or the moral negotiating of a modern-day Walter White, tell me something that challenges my perceptions, alters my point of view, or questions my own moral integrity. But give it to me wrapped in magic and wonder. That’s what I’m after. Tell it with a story.


Marketo Certified Expert



I got stacks of ‘em. Viva la vinyl!

Everyone should have a favorites shelf, right?

First snowfall of winter… “so it goes...”

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