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From my very first job in public relations to stints in publishing, advertising, and marketing, I’ve spent my entire career focused on the art of using words to influence, educate, motivate, and sometimes even entertain audiences. At Street Level, I get to use what I’ve learned to create awareness, spark excitement, and tell compelling brand stories via print, digital, and social media.


A true “word nerd,” I collect thesauri (or thesauruses) and admit to a special fondness for Roget’s 1962 edition. A few other things most people don’t know about me: I used to do stand-up comedy, I met my husband on a trip to Russia, my guilty pleasure is watching sub-titled European TV detective shows (yes, it’s actually a thing), and my younger brother, Linden Frederick, is a phenomenal artist represented by Forum Gallery in NYC. That’s his painting at the top of the page.

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