Meet Jenna

In addition to spending a disproportionate amount of her time reading and/or on the internet, Jenna also loves dancing! Some of her favorite styles are Lindy hop, Charleston, and cha cha.

Jenna has been correcting people’s grammar and spelling since she and her friends started passing around handwritten stories in middle school, and she’s now turned that annoying instinct into a career!

She got her BA in English and biology from Northwestern and is working on her MA in literature and publishing at DePaul. Since college, Jenna has worked as a writer and editor for law firms, magazines, publishing companies, and more, and her goal is always to make sure writing is clear and accessible to whatever audience she’s trying to reach. Her dream is to one day edit books for a living, but for now, she’s excited to join the team at Street Level Studio making sure everyone uses commas correctly.

Jenna and friend swimming with dolphins
woman with short hair smiling at desk
Jenna and friends hiking through a forest

Jenna | Copyeditor/Proofreader |

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