Dr. Digital: Experiential Web Design

Dr. Digital: Experiential Web Design

What is Experiential Web Design?

Experiential web design presents users with an immersive, engaging online experience through interactive content and movement. With eye-catching aesthetics and features like videos and animation, this approach elevates a site’s content and brings the audience in.

Why Go Experiential?

The experiential approach has a lot to brag about. First, it’s more interesting to use than a static site—which means it’s better at holding short attention spans. Plus, it can liven up content that users might struggle to get through, like annual reports and employee training.

As Dr. Digital suggested, experiential web design also transforms long-form content into shorter, more digestible pieces. For example, instead of searching through endless troubleshooting articles, an interactive quiz can help users find exactly what they need.

Want to see what we mean? This PDF quiz is a solution we created for Canon Solutions America’s online resource center. It’s designed to help their clients decide which digital production press is best for their business. Click around and see how easy it is to use.

Plus, the immersive approach gives users a hands-on feel. This is especially helpful when working (and selling) remotely or when other restrictions prevent your audience from gathering in person.

Three Tips for Getting Started

Choose the right functionality for your content. One of the best parts about an experiential approach is that you can mix and match which elements work best for your project. Platforms like Vev and Ceros feature a variety of options you can browse to find the solution that will work for you.

Find the right balance. It’s important not to overload your page with motion. Visiting your site should feel effortless, and users should intuitively know where to look. At the same time, there should be enough excitement to keep your audience interested and interacting.

Tell a story. The interactive elements you add to your site should give your content a clear flow. A structure—especially a narrative one—will help your users know where to navigate next and keep them engaged through every step.

See the Success of Experiential

Take a look at how we structured the dynamic Canon Solutions America varioPRINT iX-series Experience here. This online experience just won a prestigious GDUSA 2022 American Digital Design Award™, recognizing “the power of design to enhance online communications and experiences.” The project faced fierce competition this year, landing in the top 10 percent of more than 2,000 entries.

Are you ready to learn how our award-winning expertise can take your online presence to the next level? Let’s talk.

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