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I’m extremely passionate about three things: history, grammar, and dogs over 40 pounds. Luckily, my job encompasses one of my passions—I’ll let you guess which one it is. When I’m not at work, I read history books and websites and listen to history podcasts. I also volunteer at Evanston Animal Shelter, where I get to look after the sweetest dogs! Many have hit hard times, including uncalled-for discrimination, but all are eager to show their appreciation and love to humans.

I’m originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, so I think Chicago winters are rather mild. I’ve traveled to over 20 countries—a few of them multiple times—and love to learn about new cultures. My travel plans for 2018 include Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. I am an introvert with some extrovert tendencies, whose idea of a good night includes no makeup, PJs, sushi, reading a good book, dog cuddles, history and comedy podcasts, and a slew of Disney and/or Will Ferrell movies. I’m also obsessed with Bob’s Burgers. Tina Belcher is my spirit animal.

This is my canine cousin, Max. He's the best lap dog and the worst guard dog (he's scared of flowers blowing in the wind).

Cubfield “Cubbie” of Hawthorne—my childhood dog, and quite honestly the best dog ever!

Tina Belcher: my spirit animal.

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