Website Development Process

We take what seems to be a complex process, and we make it simple. From discovery to support, our step-by-step process to creating a successful web presence helps eliminate guesswork and unforeseen roadblocks in each project.



This is where the exchange of knowledge happens. We’ll probe, ask questions, and most of all, listen. We’ll define expectations, goals, and capabilities for your website and gather all the information we need to define milestones, create a schedule, and supply an estimate.

We’ll study your current web analytics to help us understand your existing users and their needs. We’ll focus on features and functionality of the site and offer search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations. From here, we’ll create a sitemap and wireframes that will help us plan every type of page on the site and its contents for an optimal user experience.

This stage is where we take all of our upfront planning and bring it to life with simple, intuitive design. We’ll apply your brand characteristics, colors, fonts, and imagery to the approved wireframes to enhance and streamline your site, while visually engaging your users.

Once the structure and design is approved, we will begin building and programming the website utilizing the latest in open source content management system (CMS) software. Using open source software, such as WordPress and Drupal, enables design flexibility and innovation and allows us to craft a web experience that is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. We’ll perform browser and functionality testing for a consistent experience across all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. In addition, we’ll test the website on multiple devices and screen sizes to make sure the mobile-friendly design delivers the optimum experience across mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. After browser and functionality testing is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to review the site.

After you review and approve the site, we’ll begin the file transfer necessary to push the site live. At each point in this process, we’ll do comprehensive final testing to make sure all links and functionality respond as expected. With your SEO in mind, we’ll make sure that any users visiting your old site via a search engine or a bookmark will be directed to the new site. And voilà! Your site is live.

After your website is launched, ongoing management and site analytics are key to its long-term success. Our team of experts is available to maintain and update your site and its assets, or, depending on your needs, we can easily transition the site to you. Because of the flexibility and usability of a CMS, your team can take control of the site’s management with some quick and simple training.

Additionally, periodic site performance review will guide decisions about your audience. Click here to learn more about how we use analytics to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

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