Cross-Media Marketing

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Today, a successful marketing campaign is defined by its integration of personalized direct marketing and extended marketing. This typically includes traditional methods of communication, like direct mail and print ads, and a variety of new digital media such as online ads, AdWords, email blasts, specialized web landing pages, and direct mail with trackable QR codes or an Augmented Reality experience.

Various methods of tracking can be implemented so that results of your marketing efforts can be measured, analyzed, and changed on the fly if needed.

This mixture of media vastly improves the reach of your message and ultimately will provide improved return on investment.

Three years ago, cross-media was the strategy of the future. Today, it’s a necessity.

Just remember. . . connect with the right people at the right time and you will achieve your marketing goals.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing campaigns. Your target audience isn’t all the same; why should your campaign be? It takes a little variety to reach all the ears you want to reach, and that’s where cross-media marketing comes in.

Cross-media marketing is comprised of two approaches—direct marketing, or reaching out to the people you know, and extended marketing, reaching out to the people you don’t. Direct marketing uses emails, direct mail, and enewsletters to let you send personalized, focused messages.

If you’re trying to reach a broader market and bring in new customers, extended marketing, which includes the use of web ads, websites, social media, AdWords, and mobile marketing, is a powerful approach. Because your website includes a broad range of information, it serves many different types of readers and can easily introduce your business to new potential customers.

The thing to remember about cross-media marketing is that you can mix and match. You can create a custom approach to reaching your audience that is tailored to your services, resources, and messaging. We can help you leverage these different options for the best results.

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