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Street Level Survey

We posed this question to our Street Level Studio team, and here are the responses.

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For a While in Peru… Kent’s Short Sightseeing and Architectural Tour

The Sacred Valley of the Incas

By Kent Brubaker, Web and Interactive Developer at Street Level Studio
All photos credited to Kent Brubaker, Michelle Mason, and Lourdes Masis

Since I have lived in the extremely flat, abundantly corn-filled environment of Illinois my entire life, visiting Peru with my wife and friends was truly astounding. In our trip from Lima to Cusco, through the Sacred Valley, and on to Machu Picchu, we were allowed to spend time seeing wonders we had never seen before. For a short time, we stepped into another world.

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Summertime is Vacation Time!

Phelps Lake

It’s that time of year when adventure-seekers are gearing up to take summer vacations. Destination vacations are some of the most pleasurable vacations to go on, and that’s why when I, designer Jennie Dembowski at Street Level Studio, was given the opportunity to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks last summer, I jumped at the chance.

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Valentine's Day in Valentine, Texas

Joe and Wendy Davis just returned from another trip to the amazing West Texas town of Marfa. On February 14th they attended holiday festivities in Valentine, Texas. That's right, Valentine is a real place, if a very small one.

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From Polka Dots to Button Downs

As a bunch of seasoned graphic designers and programmers, we are always looking for inspiration for the next great marketing campaign. Given that today is a national holiday, Presidents Day, our eyes are drawn to the lighter side of politics.

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A Trip to Marfa

Every so often, part of the Street Level Studio team hits the road for a brief getaway. One might guess that their journey would lead them to a beach or ski resort, but co-founders Wendy and Joe Davis insist, it’s all about a tiny town in the middle of the West Texan desert called Marfa.

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