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Word on the Street

Why Street Level Studio Loves the Town it Calls Home: Part One

A Blissful Foodie Destination

Located about 25 miles north of Chicago, Highwood is a quaint little city, and we’re proud to call it home to Street Level Studio. Not only is Highwood full of great culture, people, and businesses—but also a five-minute walk can take you to a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

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Case Study: Production Print Resource Center

Canon Solutions America (CSA) Production Print Solutions came to Street Level Studio to build a website that would be a unified resource to educate customers on how to expand their business. The Production Print Resource Center (PPRC) was the outcome, an industry-leading website and resource center that educates customers and showcases beneficial production printing products.

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Google Giving a Boost to Mobile-Friendly Websites

Are you prepared for Google’s latest search algorithm change? On April 21, 2015 Google began rolling out a change to the way it ranks websites in mobile search results. The “mobile-friendly update” puts more emphasis on whether a website is mobile-friendly when determining the website’s search results ranking for searches performed on mobile devices.

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Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Every year on Earth Day we consider how we’re doing on the “going green” scale and take steps to be more eco-friendly. Over the years, we’ve seen the marketing industry as a whole become greener, and this year is no different. When Street Level Studio’s doors opened, a large majority of our clients’ marketing materials were printed.  While there is and always will be a demand for print ads, brochures, and catalogs, increasingly our clients have turned to email and web-based marketing strategies.

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Hitting the Target

The Highwood Bocce Club is an institution in the little town of Highwood on the North Shore of Chicago. Famous for hosting International Bocce Tournaments, this “private” club is open to public play most days of the week. And with both indoor and outdoor courts, it's a perfect environment for serious and amateur players. In fact, Street Level Studio has held several events at the club, and we’ve had a blast every time.

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