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Word on the Street

Not Your Average Craft Fair

You never know where you might stumble across a giant cheeseburger. For SLS Graphic Designer Laura Schaeffer, this happened just a few weeks ago at the craft and art fair Show of Hands in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. To call Show of Hands simply a “craft show” is a wild understatement; it’s more akin to an Etsy enthusiast’s bazaar dropped in the middle of a haunted house.

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How Do You Keep Track of Your Passwords?

Maybe the topic is something you avoid, but passwords are that seemingly necessary evil we have to deal with on a daily basis. Security experts make recommendations that passwords need to be more secure, but the guidelines are complex and make your password end up looking like cartoon profanity: “#X@8*Hsb%R.” How do you remember that? It’s tough to strike a balance between complexity/security and memorability.

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The Building Behind the Business

During its thirty-year history, Street Level Studio has resided in several locations, but none can compare to the present place we've called home for the last 17 years. The name, Street Level Studio, was born from a philosophy of being down-to-earth and working hard to help clients achieve their goals. Our location for many years was well above ground in multi-story office buildings, but when we spotted this poor, run-down little storefront building in Highwood, IL, everything changed.

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Building an Anniversary Logo

Logo and Sketches

When our client, Brunswick Billiards, approached us with a request to design a logo that would celebrate 170 years of successful business, we jumped at the challenge. Developing a new logo can be tricky, and it requires careful consideration of a company’s history and visual style.

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Why Street Level Studio Loves the Town it Calls Home: Part One

A Blissful Foodie Destination

Located about 25 miles north of Chicago, Highwood is a quaint little city, and we’re proud to call it home to Street Level Studio. Not only is Highwood full of great culture, people, and businesses—but also a five-minute walk can take you to a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

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250 Waukegan Ave.

Highwood, IL 60040