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Don't Try This at Home

More than eight years ago, Joe Davis, founder of Street Level Studio, noticed that after two decades of abandonment, an old former motel building in Highwood was being taken down to make room for a new condo building. He particularly noticed that the beautiful, vintage “MOTEL” sign from the 1940s was still intact.

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3 Steps to Creating a Convincing Call to Action

When you spot buttons to download, donate, or share; a QR code to scan or a link to visit; or simply an invitation to learn more, these are all calls to action (CTAs) in varying forms. A strong CTA—an instructive message that invites a user to do something—will motivate, persuade, and convince your audience.

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Why Street Level Studio Loves the Town it Calls Home: Part Two

We recently raved about the fabulous restaurants that surround our marketing and design studio in Highwood, IL. While the allurement of great cuisine is appreciable, Highwood also offers a diverse culture and great sense of community.

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Summertime is Vacation Time!

Phelps Lake

It’s that time of year when adventure-seekers are gearing up to take summer vacations. Destination vacations are some of the most pleasurable vacations to go on, and that’s why when I, designer Jennie Dembowski at Street Level Studio, was given the opportunity to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks last summer, I jumped at the chance.

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Creativity on Tap at Canon’s App Room

As the 2015 ISA International Sign Expo approached earlier this spring, our client Canon Solutions America decided they wanted a fun and fresh way to display the wide range of applications their large format printers can produce. They enlisted our help in designing the pieces that would make up “The App Room,” a 20' x 9' display room within their show booth.

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