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Google Giving a Boost to Mobile-Friendly Websites

Are you prepared for Google’s latest search algorithm change? On April 21, 2015 Google began rolling out a change to the way it ranks websites in mobile search results. The “mobile-friendly update” puts more emphasis on whether a website is mobile-friendly when determining the website’s search results ranking for searches performed on mobile devices.

Since the rollout of this update, website rankings in mobile searches have been shifting. If your website is already mobile-optimized, this can be great for your SEO strategy, and your website may have already seen an increase in its ranking. However, if your site is not mobile-friendly, your site’s ranking could be taking a hit.

In November 2014, Google started marking search results for websites as “Mobile-friendly” when searching from mobile devices, potentially steering mobile visitors away from websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Google started these initiatives to make it easier for an ever-expanding mobile population to access information, and to encourage developers to move beyond static-width websites, and fully embrace mobile-friendly design.

To see if Google considers your website to have a mobile-friendly design, test it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Enter a URL and it will return a report with the status of the webpage.

If you would like more information about mobile-friendly websites using responsive design, contact us. We specialize in creating mobile-friendly websites that work across any device.

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